SIP panels, or structural insulated panels, are used in one of the newer technologies for building.  Structural insulated panels go together quickly, saving on labor, they reduce onsite construction waste and they provide superior insulating qualities.

Not only that, but they are a “green” technology!  There are a number of advantages to building with structural insulated panels, and many people are discovering them—and building SIP panels homes for their families or for retirement.

The Low Down on SIP Panels

Just like log home building and timber frame construction, building a SIP panels home is a specialty kind of building. However, it is possible for a person who enjoys woodworking to build a SIPs house.

Of course, it is much easier if you select a house plan with just one floor! Things always get more complicated when you build two or more stories!

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    Structural insulated panels in a home construction

    Structural insulated panels provide both support and insulating value to a home.

  • While SIP Panels are relatively new to the construction industry, they have definitely made an impact on the way homes are being built.
    Many people who are planning to build a new home have discovered that they can be more comfortable, using less energy and a smaller HVAC system. And, in addition, homeowners with SIPs homes, will save thousands of dollars on heating and cooling…