Post and beam homes are popular for luxury homes and lodges and also for vacation get-aways.  Noted for its strength and endurance, post and beam construction is also strikingly beautiful!

Almost a forgotten art, post and beam construction dates back several hundred years.  And many of those original buildings—homes and barns—are still standing today!

The beauty of post and beam homes, with both structural and decorative beams, is limited only by your imagination!

  • Post and Beam House Plans – In order to be structurally sound, your post and beam house plans should be drawn up by a certified structural engineer.  They will then be “stamped”, which shows that they meet the requirements for being safe and strong.
  • Post and Beam Barn – Who said post and beam construction was only for people? Post and beam barns were commonly constructed in Europe and in the U.S. in the early years of our country’s history. Those old barns were super strong—and many people today are choosing to construct their new horse barns this way.  While they can be costly (especially for a barn), they are extremely strong and durable.
  • Post and Beam House Designs – You can’t just choose any house plan for building post and beam homes.  However, an experienced architect with the right skills and certification, can alter a plan to make it a post and beam home.
  • Post and Beam Cabins – Not everyone wants a huge home. And smaller post and beam cabins can give you the look you want—without the expense
  • Home Additions Post and Beam – One way to make your current home special (without the expense and bother of building a new home) is to build an addition onto your home. A post and beam addition can add real class, and because it costs far less than a new home—you can do it now…

Post and beam homes are elegant and strong. They can have a rustic interior, and they capture the true spirit of living green, using renewable building materials, showing off their natural beauty–and lasting almost forever!