Log home windows need to be energy efficient because log homes often have very large windows or a wall of windows. Using the best energy efficient windows is critical to the energy efficiency of your new log or timber home.

Lesser quality windows are like a black hole for escaping energy!  High performance windows will save you money in the long run.

And knowing what to look for in energy saving windows will help you make the best choice. Of course, you need to consider where you live, in order to make that decision!

Windows actually serve several purposes.

Wall of windows in a log home
It is common to see a beautiful wall of windows in a log or timber home. Using the best energy efficient windows will keep heat loss to a minimum.

Why Use The Best Energy Efficient Windows

Using the best energy efficient windows will not necessarily cut down on the cost of your windows.  But you will save money on energy costs, over time.

Windows also serve other purposes.  They provide natural lighting and fresh air (if they open), and they can also provide passive solar heat.

Windows protect us from wind, rain and snow. And they give us magnificent views of the outside world, if they are well placed.

Of course, not all windows are created equal.  Old windows or poor quality windows can leak air or water, and improperly installed windows can let in cold drafts around the edges.

Even high quality windows can be a disappointment if they are installed in the wrong place.  They can make you hot in the summer if they are not shaded from the hot summer sun, or cold in the winter if they are constantly hit by cold North winds.

wall with large windows

Energy efficient windows can help
keep your home more comfortable.

High Performance Energy Saving Windows

The best energy efficient efficient windows are not just for appearance. They serve a very important function, and you need to choose them carefully.

Today we are fortunate to have high performance windows, and many of them are twice as energy saving as older windows.

  • These energy saving windows come with two or three panes, with an insulating air gap that blocks some of the heat gain or loss (depending on the season). Windows with three panes are more expensive, but there is no significant performance difference between two and three paned windows. So you may not get the return on investment with three panes.
  • Even better, some double or triple paned windows come with a better insulator than air—argon or krypton gas.
  • Coating – The best energy efficient windows also have a thin, transparent, low-emissivity or low-e coating. This coating reflects the interior heat back into the room in cold weather and keeps heat gain to a minimum in the summer. In addition, low-e coatings can also reduce fading of fabrics and wood.Are they worth it? In the north, low-e windows can cut heating costs by more than 30% over standard windows. And in the south, they can reduce cooling costs by 40%.

Increase Your Energy Savings!

Even though using the best energy efficient windows can keep you more comfortable and save you money, there are some ways to increase the benefits even more:

  • Shading – Include generous eves, working shutters, awnings or a veranda in your house plan, to keep the summer sun from hitting your windows directly.
  • Energy saving window film – Window film can increase the efficiency of your new windows or enhance the efficiency of older windows. And, you can apply window film yourself, eliminating the need to hire a contractor.
  • Shading from Nature – Plant deciduous trees to shade the first two floors of your home. They will give welcome cool shade in the summer and lose their leaves in the fall, letting in that blessed sunshine during the drab winter months.
  • Energy Star – Some of the best energy efficient windows now have an Energy Star Rating. This can be a guide when selecting windows for your new home or for replacing older windows.