Vinkor Flameless Candles with Real Wax Pillars

These pretty Vinkor flameless candles are practical and quite versatile, adding to the romantic ambience of your rustic cabin.

They are so cool!  Even though they are not real candles, the flame flickers.  The outside is made of real wax, so they don’t look artificial.

The candles use two AA batteries, and the candles themselves last for 50,000 hours.  There is even a remote control that you can use to program them to come on or go off.

Use these little gems where you have pets or kids safely.

They are great for deck parties, patio parties, festive get-togethers, dinner parties, Christmas or quiet romantic evenings with just the two of you!


No more worries about falling asleep with candles burning or forgetting to put the candles out when you retire for the evening!

This is a set of 3 candles:  4”, 5” and 6” tall, and each is 3.2” wide.

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