Park Designs Sturbridge Tier Curtains

Country and traditional, these Sturbridge Tier Curtains by Park Designs, beautifully made, take you back to 19th century Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.

Sturbridge curtains, in my opinion, are always lovely and well made.

These curtain tiers have a small traditional plaid that complements other fabrics and decor, without clashing.

They are not lined, so they do let some light into the room, while maintaining your privacy.

You can use these versatile curtains in a number of decors: country, lodge, cabin, primitive, traditional Colonial, Amish, Americana.


Tier Sizes:

  • Tiers come in 24″ and 36″ lengths, and they are 72″ wide.  There are 2 panels to a set, and they are each 36″ wide.
  • Valance: 72″ wide x 14″  or 15″ long (You have a choice of 2 different valances.)
  • Swag: 72″ wide x 63″ long


  • wine/tan
  • black/brown
  • navy/tan

Care:  Machine wash in cold water on delicate.  Line dry.

Material:  Made of 100% cotton.

Additional information

Made of

Curtains Care

machine wash, tumble dry

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