Lorraine Home Fashions Adirondack Tier Curtains

These Adirondack tier curtains are perfect when you want to let some light through, don’t really want sheers and definitely want to keep your curtains neutral.

The tier curtains are made by Lorraine Home Fashions, and they work very well when the curtains are not the central feature of your room.

They have a window pane pattern with crochet trim. Use alone, or with a matching valance or set of swags, also available on Amazon.

In addition, if you prefer a different color, the curtains are available in these colors:

  • Ecru/toast
  • Toast
  • White/black
  • White/blue (powder blue)


You can buy the Sweet Home Collection Adirondack tier curtains in these sizes:

  • Valance – 60″ wide x 12″ long
  • Curtain Tiers – 60″ wide x 24″ long (total for 2 tier curtains)
  • Curtain Tiers – 58″ wide x 30″ long (total for 2 tier curtains)
  • Curtain Tiers – 58″ wide x 36″ long (total for 2 tier curtains)
  • Curtain Swag – 60″ wide x 38″ long (split swag)

Machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle.  The curtains should be line dried or laid flat.  Steam iron if necessary.

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machine wash, line dry

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