Every home needs a way to organize would-be clutter, and this rustic wall organizer is the perfect way to keep mail, keys, phones and communication in order.

Storage is often limited in a log home, and so we need to consider creative ways to keep things organized, like this wall organizer.

Place it in the kitchen or near your main entrance to make sure that family members don’t forget items that they need to take with them.

Use it to send messages to family members and to remind them of appointments or to stop for items at the grocery store on the way home from work or school.

The message board is erasable and it comes with a towel for that purpose.

The compartments can hold small notebooks, mail, glasses, accessories and doggie bags.  Hooks are waiting for your keys, dog leash, pocketbook and scarves.

You’ll even have little label inserts, so you can remind your family where things go.

The unit measures 18.5” wide, 4” deep and 23” high.  It comes in the two finishes that are shown in the pictures.