Western Longhorn Melamine Plates

These Western Longhorn Steer melamine plates look like paper plates, but they are actually Melamine, sturdy and practical, perfect for picnics and outdoor living.

These cute faux paper plates are made of Melamine, reusable, solid and sturdy, and a good alternative to paper plates for casual dining, picnics and fun parties!


The beautiful picture of the longhorn steer on these plates, was designed by Mary Lake Thompson.  The plates are manufactured by One Hundred 80 Degrees.  They have a matte finish, so they look more like real paper plates.

Longhorn steer like the ones seen on these western Longhorn Steer Melamine plates
Longhorn steer have played a major role in the settling of the American West. Longhorn steer are still seen in Texas, and parts of the southwestern U.S. In this photo, you can see wild antelopes mingling with the long horns.

Dishwasher safe, these paper plate look-a-likes are meant to be washed and reused, not thrown away.  Use them for backyard picnics, camping, RVing, boating or with your kids or grandkids.

These plates are not safe in the microwave or oven.

Have fun with this dinnerware, while you take a step to save the environment.

Additional information

Dinnerware Care

dishwasher safe, Not microwave or oven safe

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