Turquoise Star Dinnerware

The Turquoise Star Western Dinnerware set makes a striking statement, with its lone star, about freedom, independence, and law and order in an untamed West.

I love the bold simplicity of this dinnerware set!  It’s sure to be a conversation starter.



Beautiful turquoise Western stars, accented with red are highlighted by a rich chocolate background.

The details on this stoneware pottery dinnerware are hand painted.  Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Matching salt and pepper shakers are available, separately.

This dinnerware set includes:

  • Four 10 3/4″ dinner plates
  • Four 8.5″ salad plates
  • Four 5 1/2″ diameter bowls
  • Four 16 oz. mugs

Symbolism of the Western Star

The 5 pointed star seen on this western dinnerware, is often used in Western or Americana décor, and it does have a history.

Not only is the star seen on the American flag, it is also the only star on the Texas flag—the Lone Star state.  The star appears on the Texas flag because it symbolized independence from Mexico in the 1800s and for freedom.

In addition, sheriffs and deputies in the Wild West, during the late 1800s, wore a star badge.  Because of this, the star used in Western décor, also symbolizes justice, order, bravery and honor during the years when the west was a rough place to live.

Enjoy making a statement about Americana, on your dining table, with this Turquoise Star Western Dinnerware set.

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