This rustic deer antler flatware is authentic, made from naturally shed deer antlers and trimmed with a rounded pewter end cap.

Complement your rustic dinnerware with the real thing.  The deer antlers will hold up to steady use, and as they age, they will darken and develop a beautiful rich patina.

Wash with soap and water, and once a year apply lemon oil to keep them nice.

In addition to the flatware shown, you can also purchase matching pieces:

  • Rustic antler carving set – The knife has a curved stainless steel blade that features a hollow-ground depression to facilitate friction for even slicing. The set includes a curved fork to hold your roast or fowl in place while slicing.
  • Rustic antler steak knife set – This set includes 6 finely crafted knives with serrated edges and authentic deer antler handles. The knives are weighted for superior service.