Woodland 42 Whitetail Deer Antler Chandelier

The incredibly beautiful three-tier Whitetail 42 Antler Chandelier will capture the attention of anyone who comes into your home.

Add drama to your entry way or to your Great Room with this deer antler chandelier.

And you won’t have to sacrifice light for the beauty. The Whitetail 42 Antler Chandelier uses 27 candelabra light bulbs, either 25 or 40 watt, giving you lots of light.

This chandelier is not for a small dining room. It’s large and meant to be used where there is lots of space. The chandelier exudes drama and would look great in the entry to an upscale restaurant, an executive office building or in the grand entryway to your timber frame home.

This rustic lodge lighting fixture is meant to be showcased, and it will take front and center, no matter where you decide to show it off.


The chandelier measures 50″ across and stands 42″ high.  It uses (27) 25 Watt Candelabra.

In addition to the way it’s shown in this picture, you can also order the Whitetail 42 Antler chandelier with little rawhide shades. It looks really cute that way.

A great addition to any lodge, log cabin or timber home.

The chandelier is made of lightweight polyethylene and finished by hand to give it a real (as opposed to faux) appearance.  Because of this, it only weighs 40 pounds.

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