Hand Painted Pinecone Lamp Shade

If you are looking for a quality shade for a special lamp, consider this beautiful hand painted pine cone shade for lamps, a work of art.

Each lamp shade is meticulously hand painted with images of pine cones and pine branches.

A perfect complement to a home with lovers of the outdoors.

The shade is made of faux calf skin to give it a rustic earthy look.


This lamp shade measures 6” diameter at the top, 17” diameter at the bottom and 10.5” high.  It is appropriate for a 27” lamp.

However, if that is not the right size for your lamp, the lamp shade comes in these additional sizes:

  • 4” top x 12” bottom x 7.5” high
  • 5” top x 15” bottom x 9.75” high
  • 6” top x 20” bottom x 11” high
  • 6” top x 23” bottom x 11” high
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