Now that you have built or purchased your new log home, it is time to furnish it with some good old fashioned country kitchen décor!  Without a few charming kitchen accessories, your log or timber frame home kitchen will just seem unfinished and cold.

Fabrics Tone Down Wood

To tone down sharp corners and stark lines, you’ll need to add some softness.  How can you do that?  Easily.  Consider some pretty kitchen curtains to add a little color and texture.  In addition, pretty kitchen linens can help you carry out a theme.  And you might consider some theme-related or plain tablecloths for your dining area.

And don’t forget to check out our rustic dinnerware.  I love to change our dinnerware for different seasons and for special occasions.

Choose a Theme for Your Kitchen

If you decide on a theme for your kitchen, it will make your life a lot easier.  What do you really enjoy about living in your log home or in your neighborhood?  Is it watching wildlife, perhaps deer or ducks on a pond?  Or do you love the sound of roosters or picking apples in the fall?

Rooster kitchen décor and country apple décor are two of the most popular themes for kitchens.  Consider what you like and then expand on that to fill your kitchen with accessories that you love.

Browse through our selections of rustic kitchen décor for your kitchen and dining area.  Perhaps you’ll find the perfect piece for your log home kitchen.