Cabin Window treatments can vary from perky country curtains, to heavy drapes or custom window blinds, or even bare windows with rustic window valences.

As with all rustic decorating, much is left to your imagination and to your personal style.

Also keep in mind that your choice of window treatments will also depend on the location of your home, its setting and the level of privacy that you have.

To make things more fun, window treatment ideas can include your favorite theme—from pine cones, fishing or wildlife, to bears, deer, or moose.

Window Treatment Ideas – What to Keep in Mind

Outfitting your lodge or cabin windows is not as simple as going to the store and picking up a set of drapes or curtains.

When considering window treatment ideas, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Privacy – If you live in a development or town, you may have houses close by, and privacy is a major consideration for choosing the best window treatments for your home. You will need to choose curtains or drapes made from opague fabrics that block light and block the view inside your home.However, if you live in the country, and, at least some of your windows face unpopulated areas, you can be more liberal in your choices—including using sheers or leaving some windows bare, without anything to impede the view outside.
  • Light – Any window treatments that you use, will block some of the light. Depending on which direction your windows face (and where you live—north or south), choose window treatments that: let in the most light, block the solar gain in the summer, or block the late western sun in the summer.
  • Theme – Make sure you keep your curtain color complementary to your other home furnishings and the theme that you have chosen for a particular room.
  • Fabrics – While I have seen everything—including sheer curtains—used in rustic cabins, rustic lodges and log cabins, most country curtain fabrics tend to be heavier, and less refined than you might see in traditional stick built homes.For example you might consider burlap, crude linens and heavier fabrics with a rougher texture.And you may be able to find curtains or drapes that go with your decorating theme—with appliqued or embroidered pictures, like pine cones, bears, canoes, fishing, deer or moose.
  • Hard materials vs. soft materials – Sometimes a rustic cabin or home can have so many hard materials—wood ceilings, beams and walls, tile floors, leather furniture, bare windows, etc.—that it needs a little softness to balance it.Not only does the room with hard surfaces have a cold look, it can also have sound echoes or problems with listening to TV because sound bounces off all the hard surfaces.You can soften the look of a room (and make it more pleasing to watch TV or visit), by adding wall tapestries, an area cabin rug, and by adding fabric curtains and valences.
Fabric valances at windows in dining area of log home
Fabric curtains can add color, softness and character to log cabin décor. Window treatment ideas include cute valences like these sage colored drapes with a bear and fringe.  Note the metal tiebacks with a bear and evergreen tree.  They help pull the bear theme together for this room.

Rustic Window Treatment Ideas For Country Homes

So what are some of the ways you can dress up your rustic lodge or log home windows?

  • Bare windows – Many log homes and timber frames just leave the windows bare. If you have large windows that look out to a private woods, lake or the ocean, this allows you to take full advantage of the beautiful views.
  • Rustic curtains – You may choose to buy rustic kitchen tier curtains or rustic curtains for your bathroom. In these rooms, the fabric can be a lighter weight, perhaps a cotton or cotton blend.And you can choose everything from a country plaid or gingham to a fabric that mirrors the theme you have chosen for your log cabin décor. Consider using tie backs and rustic curtain hardware to complement your curtains.
  • Rustic drapes – Draperies for the great room and bedrooms can be made from heavier fabrics. You can also find valences (like that shown in the photo) that mirror your cabin decorating theme.
  • Window blinds and shades – If you need to insure privacy at your windows, you might consider window blinds or shades. You can choose rustic wooden window blinds (or vinyl in colors), motorized window blinds (You can even get them inside your windows so they don’t get dusty.), or have custom window blinds made at a local store like Lowes.

This rustic window valence can be easily made from wood.

  • Rustic window valences – Perhaps you want to dress up a window, but you don’t want to block the light or the view. You can achieve this using sheers and a window valence curtain.

There are some really cute fabric valences on the market, and you may be able to find a wooden valence (although those are not as easy to find).

But the good news is that, if you’re handy and like to work with wood or to sew, you can easily make window valences!

With a little forethought, you can have rustic window treatments that are perfect for your home. First consider what you want your cabin window treatments to do for you. Then choose the look that you like best.

Rustic window treatment ideas are like the icing on the cake. They add the final touch to an already nicely decorated log cabin with rustic décor!