Rooster dinnerware is popular in log cabins and timber frame homes, perhaps because so many rustic homes are in the country, where residents arise to the crow of roosters and many keep chickens.

While some people find the crowing of roosters to be irritating, others, like me, just love to hear the sound!  It’s a great way to start the day and a reminder that the world is awakening with energy.

Why Rooster Theme Dinnerware?

Paula Deen Southern Rooster dinnerware

Paula Deen Southern Rooster dinnerware, available here.

Who can resist a well-designed rooster plate!

A rooster theme, especially for kitchens, is traditional and classic, dating back to the 1940s.  It’s a fun theme to use, because it implies life and love of simple country living.

Like many vintage themes and motifs, roosters have seen a recent surge in popularity.  Like our mothers and grandmothers, many of us have come to love the cute pictures of chickens, roosters and little chicks.

Why is that?  Well, many people have moved to the country.  Country life is simpler, and living in the country, we learn to appreciate simple things.

Country life is more serene and relaxed.  Getting away from it all helps you relax and handle life’s challenges.  Roosters are a symbol of country life and relaxation.

Roosters in the Kitchen

Pretty rooster in the grass with hens

Your kitchen will be a breath of fresh air when you choose to decorate with a rooster or chicken theme.

To get the effect that you want, look for kitchen accents that help you bring your décor together.  Consider rooster paper towel holders, a rooster accent rug in front of your sink, a rooster clock, rooster placemats, a rooster tablecloth, and perhaps a rooster tea pot.

Taking your love of the country to the next level, rooster dinnerware and accessories will bring vibrant, happy colors to your dining and kitchen areas.

Top it all off with a cute set of rooster curtain tiers.

Raising Your Own Chickens

Chicken and rooster looking through a wire fence

Many people moving to the tranquility of a country log home or timber frame lodge, have also become amateur chicken farmers.

Raising your own chickens and roosters can be lots of fun. And, if you are a fly fisherman, chickens can be a great source of feathers for fly tying.

While raising cattle or pigs can be a big deal, most people are able to handle a few chickens and a small chicken house with some fencing.

There’s something about chicken farming that makes you feel like you’re becoming more independent.  Gathering eggs from the chicken house and feeding and watering chickens, gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

You’re just that much closer to the earth.  And you are contributing to your own food supply.

It’s fun, and it’s satisfying.  And you might just like getting involved with your own chickens.  It’s even more fun than serving meals on your rooster dinnerware!

Take Your Rooster Theme into Other Rooms

While a chicken or rooster theme is most commonly seen in kitchens and dining areas, you can also use chickens or roosters in other rooms of your home.

Rooster accent rugs, curtains, and clocks can help bring your rooster theme to other areas of your home.  The sky is the limit!  Use your imagination to bring your favorite farm animal to every corner of your home.

So, whether you are in love with French farmhouse style décor or you just enjoy living in the country, rooster décor is worth considering.