Give Your Rustic Home an Extra Spark

Log home decorating often centers around a theme.

You might choose western décor, rustic décor, country décor, fishing or hunting décor, ski lodge décor, or a north woods décor with trees, moose and deer. However, in most cases, log cabin home decorating is based on a combination of similar themes.

Using cabin rugs, rustic bedding and even designer shower curtains in your bath, can help create a “look” that’s just right for you.

A mix and match approach works very well in a log home, as most of the themes are nature themes—bringing the natural world surrounding the home, inside!

Most Common Decorating Themes for Rustic Homes

So what are the most common log home decorating themes that people use for their rustic cabins?  There are some themes that are used more often than others.  Others, like a Wolf theme, are more difficult to use because wolf accessories are harder to find.

  • Western Décor – Cabin homes decorated with the western theme often include horses, wagon wheels, boots, native American designs and wolves in their decorating.
  • Rustic Décor – Rustic décor might include log furniture, furniture with simple lines and chunky legs, wildlife and pine cones in accessories, earth tones in curtains and plaids in wallpaper.
  • Country Décor – For a country décor, furniture should have simple designs. Antiques work here. Use fluffy comforters with wildlife designs in the bedroom (or hand made quilts). You might include rocking chairs and game tables. Practical pieces work very well in a country décor!
  • Fishing Theme – Everything from welcome signs to shower curtains has fish or fishermen on it. You’ll find area rugs, curtains, lamps, picture frames, mirrors, bedding and shelves that have fish on them!
  • Hunting Theme – Include antler lights, deer, ducks, moose, elk and other favorite animals in your decorating. Make sure you have a welcome sign that introduces your hunting theme!
  • North Woods – This theme often has lots of pine cones, deer and moose. Furniture often is made from natural woods like hickory or pine. Log furniture can have a place in a home with this theme, as well.