Lodge bedding is casual and often reflects the wildlife and natural features of the outdoors around the lodge.

Lodge bedding is often more upscale than rustic value bedding found at common box stores. More plush and made from more luxurious fabrics, with extra stuffing for warmth and comfort, this cabin bedding is made to take you to a new dimension in rustic country living.

What kind of effect are you trying to get? The answer that you give will determine the theme that you choose, the fabrics that you use and the color schemes that are dominant in your room.

And those, in turn, will determine what kind of lodge bedding that you like…

Rustic Comforters

Rustic comforters set the stage for the rest of a bedroom. Because the bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room, the eye is naturally drawn to it.

Beautiful colors and attractive designs draw attention to your bed. Starting with the bed, you can build your room design by adding accessories and accents that complement the theme and colors of your rustic bedding.

And rustic cabin bedding is no longer just from simple fabrics. New, luxurious fabrics like micro suede have added a new dimension to cabin decorating. They add depth of color and often a softness not seen in years past.

So why settle for something simple, when you can have something really distinctive?

Rustic Comforters Add Dimension to Country Life

You need rustic cabin bedding to complete your country cabin bedroom.

Lodge bedding, with wildlife or rustic themes, quickly becomes the center of attention in a warm cozy sleeping area.

Snuggling under a soft, puffy bed comforter can be heaven after a long day of hiking, gardening or chopping wood.

Choose cabin bedding or luxury comforters that reflect your interests and those of your family. And treat yourself to a special lodge bedding set…