Meet the Challenge of Decorating a Log Home

Log home interiors present a special challenge for log home interior decorating.  It’s not just the shape of the logs on the walls.  You have wood everywhere.

The challenges are defining spaces, making your log or timber home cozy and getting the look and feel that you want!

In addition, log walls, whether rounded or flat, can be difficult to decorate. And there often is so much wood on the walls, ceiling, floors and furniture—that you have a virtual “wood out”, like the “white out” in a blizzard!

Log cabin interiors can be very cozy, but remember that rustic decorating takes planning!

So log home decorating requires some thought and planning. You can still have a great rustic décor, but your log cabin interior will need to have to have some contrasting colors and textures.

Consider using fabric or cloth accents like cabin rugs, rustic curtains or valences, and wall hangings to soften the look. And make sure that you have enough rustic lighting accents to brighten the interior of your log home!

Rustic Décor Log Home Interior Decorating

If you are building a log cabin, the time to plan for interior decorating—is BEFORE the home is built. This is the time to consider rustic wood staircases, as they can make a great feature in your log cabin.

If you purchase a log or timber home that is already built, you will have to work with your rustic home as it is.

Here’s the secret to great log home decorating—It’s all about details!  (You can read more here or page down to see photos of log home interiors.)

Carefully thought out details, take your log or timber home, from a nice log home to an extraordinary one!

When planning your log home interior decorating, consider these articles:

  • Log Home Decorating Themes – Log home decorating often follows a theme such as country, western, North Woods with bears and moose, deer or even pine trees and woods.
  • Log Home Kitchens – Your log home kitchen can be rustic or as elegant as you’d like. Interior decorating effects in the kitchen are achieved by kitchen cabinets, walls, flooring and decorations.
  • Log Home Lighting – Log homes present a challenge for lighting, so it’s best to plan ahead for your lighting fixtures and accents.  You’ll need to consider the points in this article before you complete the plans for your new log or timber home.
  • Accent with an Antler Light – The antler light is very popular in log and timber homes. Purists may prefer to have natural antlers in their fixtures (They are shed naturally by the deer, elk or moose) or the newer (and less expensive) man-made version.  Here are some ideas on how to use antler lights in your log or timber home.
  • Amish Log Furniture – Amish log furniture, known for its quality and craftsmanship, adds rustic appeal to a log or timber home.  Many Amish furniture pieces are simple in design and have a rustic appeal.
  • Choosing a Log Railing – While a railing isn’t the first thing that you think of when you buy a new home, choosing the right one can really spiff up the interior (or exterior) of your home!
  • Outdoor Log Furniture – Log furniture isn’t just for interiors. Log furniture can carry your log cabin theme to your outside patios, porches and garden areas.  This selection of log furniture for porches or patios has something for everyone…

Page down and you will see various features of log home interiors, and how different people handled them.  I have commented on the pictures so that you will get ideas for your log home interiors decorating.

Log Corners and Walls in Log Home Interiors

Interior of log home with round logs
The pretty stone fireplace is front and center in the Great Room of this log home. Log home interiors frequently have log walls or log corners (shown here) that require some creativity for your decorating!

Definition of Space  in Log Home Interiors

Log home interior with no definition of spaces
In this common area, there are some rustic features like rustic furniture, paintings and fabrics. However, the spaces are poorly defined.  It feels unsettled.  A simple solution would be to use rustic area rugs in the sitting area and the dining area, to define where each space begins and ends.

Good Definition of Space

Defined areas in log home interior
In this log cabin, the sitting area is clearly defined. Chairs and sofa are placed around the fireplace, an area rug defines the sitting area, and the small dining area is defined by a rug. The boundaries are clear. The room is softened by the drapes at the windows and the area rugs.

The Personality of Log Home Interiors

Log home with character
Log home interiors should reflect the personalities of their owners. The owners of this log home are fun loving, as evidenced by the cute decorations and the pretty floral arrangement on the table.

Log Home Interiors Can Connect with the Outdoors

Greens and large windows
Log homes with their large windows, often feel connected to the outdoors. You can make this even more effective by using plants and flowers in log home interiors. The stone on this fireplace also gives you a feeling of connectedness with the outdoor spaces just beyond the windows.

Use the Structure as Decoration

Logs used as decoration
Part of the reason that we build log and timber frame homes is the intrinsic beauty of the wood and the structures. This timber frame home uses the post and beam structure and a twig railing in the loft, as a large part of its decor. Decorative posts and beams give your home a beauty that is not seen in other types of homes. Note the stone wall in this home–another natural feature that makes it distinctive.

Add Character to Log Home Interiors

cook stove in log home
This luxurious log home has character. Notice the old fashioned cook stove on the left, an unexpected feature in an expensive log home. Log furniture complements the logs in the home. A tile floor in the foreground defines the spaces and adds interest, breaking up the total wood look.

Taking the time to do a little research and planning for your log or timber home will reward you with a lovely rustic home interior.

And, most importantly, this is really not a chore because–decorating log home interiors is rewarding and FUN!