You can easily give your country bathroom a face lift, without the cost and hassle of building a new home. Transform your dingy bath into a lovely country bathroom with rustic décor!

With just a little effort, your bathroom can literally look like a new bath.  Remodeling your bathroom or just giving it a face lift can make all the difference in the world—between an outdated bathroom that embarrasses you, and a lovely fresh bathroom that looks brand new!

Of course, if you’re just building your dream home, it’s easy to incorporate some of these country bathroom decorating ideas in your new home.

Country bath with cute shower curtain and accessories

Just adding a cute shower curtain to your bathroom will go a long way toward giving it a fresh look.

Country Bathroom Decorating Ideas for your Log Cabin or Lodge

There are a number of things that you can do to update your bathroom. Some are simple and some will require some work (or hiring a contractor to do the work). And, of course, you don’t have to do everything on the list below—pick and choose the items that will do the most to give you the bathroom décor that you are looking for…

  • Theme – This is not optional. You do need to decide what you want your bathroom to look like. After you know what theme you will use for your bathroom décor, all your decisions will be easier!
  • Walls – This is the first thing to consider. With country décor or cabin décor, you often see wooden walls. They can be painted or finished naturally. But you can also get a rustic effect, with drywall or plaster walls (more on that later).  Painting the bathroom wall is a better choice than using wallpaper, because of the moisture in the bath.Keep in mind, when choosing a color, that light colors make a room feel larger and brighter, and dark colors make a room feel smaller and darker. This is especially important if the size of your bathroom is an issue.

wood walls in log home bathroom

Wood walls are commonly used in rustic bathrooms.

  • Cabinets and Shelves – Cabinets are one of greatest expenses in renovating a bathroom. Good quality cabinets will last for years, while cheaper, inferior quality cabinets will show wear quickly and sometimes even fall apart.If your cabinets are sound, you can refinish them or paint them for a casual country look.Shelves can be decorative, while giving you storage for things like towels, candles and decorative items. Both shelves and cabinets cut down on clutter!
  • Cabinet Hardware – Simply replacing the hardware on your bathroom cabinets can give you a totally new look and give your bath some class. There are many decorative cabinet pulls that can also enhance your bathroom theme.
  • Outdated Colors – Nothing dates a bathroom like outdated colors. Blue, green or pink bathtubs and toilets are an example that we’ve all seen. Replacing the old colored ones with white or cream can do a lot to make your bathroom feel new.
  • Bathroom Fixtures – Country bathroom fixtures are often made of porcelain or brass or with a nickel finish. Simply replacing the fixtures (especially if they are tarnished or worn looking) can give your bath a new look.
  • Mirrors and LightsMirrors make a room look larger and brighter. Use them freely in a small bathroom, both to make it look larger and as a decorative feature. Vanity lights come in many decorative styles, so choose a special one that goes with your decorating theme.
Bathroom with bear accessories
Cute rustic bath accessories can be part of your country bathroom decorating ideas.
  • Country Bathroom Accessories – Your shower curtain is the largest bath accessory, so choose one that you really like, as it will be the focal point of most country bathrooms.Build the rest of your room around the shower curtain theme, using these country bathroom decorating ideas. Choose country prints, wall décor, towel hangers, soap holders, etc. to support the theme of your shower curtain!
  • Rustic Curtains – Using cute country curtains in your bath can also brighten the bath and support your country theme. Choose country curtains that go with the rest of your rustic bathroom accessories.

Giving your bathroom a facelift can be as simple as purchasing a few bathroom accessories and bath towels, or it can be a major makeover.

But, it will be rewarding no matter what you decide to do, as the bathroom is often where you kick back and relax after a rough day at work.

Use these country bathroom decorating ideas to help you get started on your bathroom project…