Log cabin curtains can enhance the interior of your log or timber home, and when choosing country curtains you should keep some basic principles in mind.

Curtains for a cabin or cottage are informal, reflecting the style of the home, and they often reflect the theme of a room or motifs that are seen throughout the house.

Choosing Log Cabin Curtains

Log cabin curtains can be the focal point of a room, or they can complement the other parts of your room. In other words, they can emphasize a window or they can downplay it.

Here are some things to consider when you are purchasing your log cabin curtains:

Style – Avoid very formal styles, with elegant draping and exquisite details. Opt for practical curtains that can be cleaned. Curtains that drag on the floor or bunch up on the floor will gather dust and dirt and require frequent cleaning.

Length – There are 5 standard curtain lengths:

Sill length – Sill length is the most informal length. It just brushes the top of the window sill. This length can look lively and spirited and very country. Sill length log cabin curtains work well in the bathroom or the kitchen, and they are appropriate for log, timber, craftsman and shaker style homes.

Apron length – Apron length curtains are a little longer than sill length. They cover the apron (or wood trim) below the window sill. When using this length curtain, you can use tie backs or simply let them hang naturally.

Floor length – Curtains or drapes that are floor-length are hemmed to hang about ½” to ¾” above the floor, just clearing it. This length is interesting, because you can use floor length curtains in a formal or informal setting. And they can be used in a traditional room or a modern setting.

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Valance Window Treatments – A valance, or the small curtain that just covers the top of the window and hides the curtain rod, can set the mood of the room. Valances can be simple or ornate. However, in a country cabin, they are often informal and may have appliqued or embroidered motifs on them. Country valances can dress up a plaid or plain colored curtain with just the right amount of charm.Valances can be used alone, without other curtains. This gives you an informal look and allows you to see the view outside and take advantage of day light.

Theme – The theme of your log cabin curtains can be the theme you are using in a particular room or the theme that you have used throughout your lodge.

Fabric – Shiny brocades, silks and embossed fabrics are very formal. Choose cottons, linens or woven fabrics with plain colors, plaids, florals or printed designs that complement your informal room.

Exposure – Are you emphasizing a beautiful view or trying to cover up the neighbor’s messy yard?

Insulation – Do you need to insulate against heat gain from the sun in the summer, or air infiltration in the winter? If so, choose curtains that will give you maximum coverage of your windows.

Sound – Log cabin curtains can insulate you from sounds outside, and they can soften a room with many hard surfaces—giving you better acoustics for music, TV and chatting with others.

View from outside – How will the curtains look from the outside? Do you want them all to be the same color, etc.?  If so, consider curtains or drapes with a neutral colored lining, so that they match when you view your windows from outside.

Air flow – If your cottage is near the beach, where you have a pleasant breeze most of the time, you may want to take advantage of the air flow by using curtains that allow the breezes to flow through.  Sheer curtains or  light cotton unlined curtains will do this.