Use Christmas rugs to spiff up your country Christmas decorating! Christmas rugs during the holidays, just seem to put the finishing touches on a room.

Seemingly inconspicuous, Christmas rugs often take center stage and steal the show from more traditional holiday accessories and decorations.

Often a Christmas accent rug will feel soft and inviting to bare toes and it will have the warmth that cold feet seek, on cold winter days.

Decorating with Holiday Rugs

Holiday colors in Christmas rugs are often bright and gay, but they can also be subdued, as well. And, if you choose a traditional favorite like pine cone rugs, they can be timeless, and can be used all year long.

Accent Christmas rugs help to define an area and they can bring color to a dark corner. They can invite guests to sit in a particular chair, or they can welcome visitors at the front door.

Holiday accent rugs can brighten a kitchen sink area or they can make bath time more fun for the kids. And, if you use holiday rugs in the bedroom, they can be the last thing you see at night and the first thing to greet you in the morning.

Christmas rugs, if they are sturdy and well-made, can become a family tradition—coming out each year as the next Christmas season approaches…

Christmas rugs are the perfect accent for a decorated log cabin or timber home. They are a quick way to add a finishing touch, and they can be used year after year!

I’m hoping that some of our holiday accent rugs that will tickle your fancy!