Unique Rustic Lighting Fixtures

Antler light fixtures might be just the right touch for your log or timber home.

The marriage of antlers to lighting fixtures is the ultimate expression of rustic lodge lighting and cozy cabin living.  These lights can be chandeliers that are architecturally graceful showpieces, or they can be as simple as an antler lamp with a single bulb mounted on a carved piece of bone.

Your log home just might not be complete, without antler-styled rustic table lamps paired with log cabin furniture–for a completely rustic home decor!

antler light at door
An antler light chandelier at the door can be used to greet guests to your rustic lodge cabin.

While you often find antler lights in hunting lodges or cabins, you don’t have to be a hunter to enjoy this rustic lighting.  And, if you don’t like the concept of killing animals, you don’t have to feel guilty about using antlers.

Deer and other animals with antlers, shed their antlers every year.  It’s a natural process that gives us a source of antlers, without hurting or killing the animals.

Antler light in a window of log home
An antler light in a window gives your rustic lodge or cabin a homey and inviting look from the outside.  Shop for deer antler chandeliers here.

Why Antler Light Chandeliers and Lighting Fixtures?

Natural antler light fixtures are made from the antlers of deer, elk, or moose.

And since antlers are shed naturally by these animals each year (so that new, bigger antlers can grow)—-no animals are hurt when the antlers are gathered.

Antlers provide a solid base for lighting fixtures. At the same time, they give a light, natural feel to your rustic table lamps and other log cabin furniture.

Antlers are unique–no two are alike. When you display antler chandeliers or antler lamps in your home, you are displaying unique pieces of art.

Antler chandelier with 42 points

This antler chandelier is very impressive
with its 42 lights!

Antler Light Styles

Antler lamp fixtures come in many different styles.

  • Deer Antler Chandelier – Almost everyone has seen whitetail deer antler chandeliers at one time or another, with three, five, or even 35 or more lights. You can buy antler chandeliers with or without shades over the lamps, and with different types of antlers.
  • Antler Lamps – A rustic lodge, may be quite elegant, but it can also use antler lamps very nicely, including antler table lamps, antler wall sconces and antler floor lamps.
  • Antler Sconces – Smaller antlers are used in wall sconces, to provide accent lighting.
  • Antler Bath Vanities – You can even find antler fixtures in the bathroom, often mounted over the vanity.
  • Faux Antler Table Lamps or Faux Antler Floor Lamps – When you want antler lighting fixtures, you want a particular look. Whether the antlers are real or synthetic (reproductions) may not be as important to you. Buying antler lamps or chandeliers made from man-made materials may save you money—without sacrificing the rustic lighting look!

When choosing chandeliers, you need to be aware of the size of your chandelier. A high ceiling or cathedral ceiling can support the look of a very large antler chandelier. A low ceiling needs a smaller light fixture.

When picking out rustic table lamps and floor lamps, make sure you choose hide (or other fabric) that goes well with the style and lines of your lamp.

Rustic antler ceiling fan
This antler light ceiling fan serves a double purpose. It has rustic appeal and gives you illumination and comfortable moving air!  You can purchase it here.

Rustic Lighting

Of course antler lamps and chandeliers are not the only options available for rustic lighting in your home.

However, they are popular, and they certainly do give your home that rustic look—whether you have a large timber frame home or a small cozy log cabin.

In addition, your handcrafted lighting fixture may actually be a crafted work of art—worthy of a special location in your rustic home interior.

Make sure you don’t overlook antler light fixtures as a possibility, when you are looking for rustic lighting for your log or timber home.