• Sunny interior of log home with rustic decorations

The Art Of Decorating a Log Home

While decorating a log home is fun, you will need to be a little creative to make it work. And, unlike decorating a traditional stick built home with sheet rock walls, your log home decorating ideas will need to be in place, before your log home is built.  You will find some specific log home decorating ideas in each section.

When decorating a log or timber home, think about what you want the room to look like when it is finished.

The room in the photo above, started with a pretty rug.  The sitting area is built around the decorative area rug.

Rustic comforters and quilts can add color and excitement to your bedrooms. This is your chance to perk up your bedroom and make the bed the center of attention. To help it all come together, choose coordinating or matching curtains or drapes.

Log home decorating presents a challenge not found in conventional homes. However, that is part of what make log home decorating such fun!

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