Gingerbread house pictures can give you ideas on how to make your own gingerbread houses unique and creative. This collection of gingerbread house pictures should get you started.

The look of your gingerbread house will depend on a number of things–how artistic you are, who helps make the house, and how much fun you make the process.

Don’t make the mistake of being a perfectionist.  Just have fun.  After all, this log cabin tradition is more about having fun than creating a masterpiece.

Enjoy my collection of gingerbread house pictures!

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Gingerbread House Pictures – Typical and Simple

This is what we think of when we talk about gingerbread houses. It is fairly simple and decorated with candy. Note the licorice on the roof for a metal roof effect.

Magical Gingerbread House

yellow gingerbread house
This gingerbread house is whimsical. It is painted with colorful royal icing and has lots of candy canes and little candies. To make it even more magical, the artist even added little elves and a wreath on the dormer of the house.

Gingerbread House – Details are Important!

gingerbread house with icing snow
This elaborate gingerbread house has poinsettias, holly, trees decorated with Hershey’s candies and even a saluting tin soldier. Very artistic, this house took some skill with the pastry tube!

Gingerbread House By the Sea

gingerbread house on stilts
Built on stilts, this gingerbread house sits on the water. Notice the blue and green candies under the house, the white roof decorated with red and green “lights” and the look of a seaside shack.

Gingerbread House Tree House

colorful gingerbread house
Whether it’s meant to or not, this gingerbread house reminds me of a fantasy tree house. It has two levels and even has cute little mice going about their holiday chores. Very artistic and fun. Note the exquisite details…

Gingerbread House Storybook

fairytale gingerbread house
Doesn’t this gingerbread house remind you of Hansel and Gretel? I love the storybook appearance. The roof, with its curves would be challenging to make. Note the green jelly mint candy evergreen tree at the corner of the house and the pretzel fence.

Simple Gingerbread House

gingerbread house
An example of a very simple gingerbread house, this one could be decorated by anyone, including small children. M & Ms make the tiles on the white royal icing roof. Caramels surround the front door.

Gingerbread House – Kids

kids' gingerbread house
These gingerbread houses were made by kids. Candy and a simple design make it fun for kids to get into the decorating. Even if you let kids do all the decorating, an adult will need to make the icing and supervise the process, to make sure it is a success.

Gingerbread House – Cookies on Cookies

cookies on gingerbread house
If you think ahead, you can make small cookies, like these gingerbread boys, to paste (with icing) onto your gingerbread house. Cute little cookies add to the interest of your design.

1st White House Gingerbread House

first White House gingerbread house with Pat Nixon
The very first White House gingerbread house was made in 1972. Here you see Pat Nixon, former first lady standing beside it. A White House gingerbread house has been a Christmas tradition ever since this gingerbread house was made.

Gingerbread House – White House

White House gingerbread house with Laura Bush

Mrs. Laura Bush participate in holiday press preview on the State Floor

Mrs. Laura Bush, former first lady, standing beside the annual White House gingerbread house in 2010. Standing beside her is the White House chef who made this masterpiece.