Country Christmas decorating is an activity that most log home owners enjoy.  And living in a log or timber home just screams of being traditional and homey.

In fact, one of the advantages of living in a log or timber home is that, with a cathedral ceiling or loft, you can have a huge Christmas tree–the one you have been dreaming of getting, all your life!

And, Whether you make homemade Christmas decorations or buy them, your festive home will be warm and inviting for both your family and your guests!

In fact, the Christmas holidays are a time that log home owners most look forward to—and a time when you can really show off the warm and cozy aspects of your beautiful log home.

More Than Just Trimming the Tree…

It’s showcase time, but it’s also a time when you can enjoy the natural wood tones and beauty of your wood home and the fun of getting together with loved ones.

While decorated trees have been a tradition for hundreds of years, there is more to decorating your home for Christmas than just putting up a tree…

Christmas garland around doors
Country Christmas decorating for your log home can be very simple, but it almost always uses festive lights!

Tips for Country Christmas Decorating in a Log Home

There are some tricks to decorating a log or timber frame home that make your home simple—but classy! A home that people will enjoy visiting, and that they will tell others about.

The first trick is to keep your decorating simple. That doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate every room in your house. But it does mean that you should consider natural materials and simple color schemes when decorating for Christmas:

simple holly wreath for Christmas
Natural materials like pine cones, holly leaves and berries and pine boughs are often used in country Christmas decorating log and timber homes.
  • Use natural objects to decorate – greenery, pine cones, holly, mistletoe, pine branches, apples, snakeroot and teaberry leaves.
  • White lights – White lights communicate elegance, simplicity and are more natural than colored lights. Too many colors can create a carnival atmosphere and communicate artificiality and a commercial atmosphere. Instead of peace, multiple colors can create tension, by causing overstimulation, as your attention is drawn to many directions at once.
  • Rustic ornaments and decorations – If you have a rustic décor, as you will in most log cabins, post and beam homes or timber frames, rustic Christmas decorations will look best, as well. Antique ornaments and ornaments that have an antique look work well, as do decorations with a theme that is complementary to your home décor, such as pine cones or north woods, with all of their variations.
  • Natural colors – Use earth tones and natural colors that reflect the outdoors and the country areas near your home.
  • Rustic materials – Materials like wrought iron, tin and other metals and accessories with rough textures and uneven edges give you a rustic look.
  • Candles – Lighted candles in windows are symbolic of welcoming. Candles in your home give the same message, and they provide a soft light that is calming and soothing. Christmas is a time of Peace, and candles communicate this.
  • Decorate your outdoor areas – Tastefully decorate your outdoors. The outside of your home is the first and last thing that anyone coming to your home sees…
  • Use traditional symbols – Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Include at least one nativity in your décor. And also include at least one Santa, because that is also traditional.
nativity scene
Albert Chevallier Taylor’s 1911 The Christmas Tree symbolizes community activities during the holidays.

Keep in mind that, in a log or timber home, you don’t have to limit yourself to one tree. You can have a tree on every level of your home—or a tree in every room. It’s your house and you make the rules.

And make sure you don’t neglect the other rooms in your house when doing your country Christmas decorating.

Look for bedroom and bathroom decorating ideas and kitchen decorating ideas that will add the Christmas spirit to those rooms in your home!